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CRACK Orban Opticodec PC 2.0 Build 7




Ubuntu bug 799938 in Ubuntu "[FFE] Xen: Support basic virtualization operations on Xen" [Undecided,New] what's the 'best' way to get flash working with lucid? i've had good luck with swfdec in the past, but that's a stopgap. does the new flashplugin-installer handle the x-g-p-o-i loop? yes. it will install it. but we still don't have flash 9 in a good state. So unless we can get 8 in place there we won't be able to switch to it fair enough. i'd been trying to find a good way to get flash to work, but no luck. is that still an issue with 9, then? no. issue is libc wait wait wait... libc? libc!= flash right. but flash uses libc but, flash is just a plugin... right. but flash uses libc.e err. libc anyway. back to nvidia yeah... so if the libc situation is still broken that won't work with 8 either, I take it? Orcrist: you could try what we do in ubuntu install flashplugin-nonfree and then uninstall flashplugin-installer and install flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound as well okay, but I'm pretty sure that's a workaround that bypasses the g-p-o-i loop? yeah. if you are actually sure that you have the same issue, you could try that well, i don't know if i have the same issue, that's part of the problem :) if you dont have the same issue you can be sure that it doesnt work as well I'm not even sure i have *any* issues. anyway. time to do the real work I




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CRACK Orban Opticodec PC 2.0 Build 7

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